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For Automotive Supplier, Automate to import Forecast / Release orders with PDF/Excel in your PO

Who we are:

IT solutions provider for Automotive suppliers in North America, we are in business 25 years.

Benefit we bring to you:

Automate to Import Forecast and Release order data coming from you customer with PDF and Excel into your Purchase order management system/excel sheet.

Reason to be considered:

Very low costs compare to other IT company's has recommended to you.

We have new tool developed in Japan to lower the cost.


  1. We can automat to login your customer's portal and get sales order data

  2. We can make file can be uploaded to your PO or ERP system.

  3. We can check your customer's order data every day including order email attachment

  4. Prevent entering incorrect data

  5. Help you plan better production and procurement


Satoru (Sato) Ito

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