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How to chose ERP best for you

Having too much functions often create complexity and will added us to costs of  the ERP.   Think what is main steam process and what you must manage then chose ERP covers your needs.  It will simplify your process with ERP and make easier for all.   


Typical costs for implementing ERP are License for software for one time purchase or monthly usage, business analysis, designing system, data transfer from old system to new ERP, User training and Annual maintenance fee. If you select SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Syspro, you will be working with 3rd party authorized seller.    

Ease of use

From daily business continuity point of view, it is important to select user friendly ERP in case of personnel change, new hiring or long term leave of absence to train new personnel and take over the task.   


Major ERP software can not be easily customized.   If you ask them to customize, the fee for modification is very expensive so you need to find out how you can user their existing functions, reports, labels and etc.  You may need to adjust how you do your operations and process to match with the capability of ERP.    


Ask ERP company who they have implemented their ERP and ask for referral to check pro can con to see it will be good fit with your company.  

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