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Case Study for Retailing 

Reasons customers chose us:

  • Cost advantage :  Lower license fee than other ERP software and no annual fee

  • Customer Centric:  Core Team work together and understand current operations and make plan for implementation, training until operation become steady and smooth. 

  • Simple:  It has sufficient functions to run operations and easy to use, unlike major ERP software has too many options and functions never used.  

  • Accurate:  It has function to enforce proper operations and prevent careless human error, which made less involvement from management to fix those issues.

  • Flexible:  Flexible pricing and willing to work with budget.   New functions can be added with customization.

  • Proactive:  Proactive proposal to work within customer's budget and practical implementation plan.

A company:    Parts trading company,  Illinois

【Voice from customer】

  • ​Core System help us manage inventory at warehouse managed by 3rd party, which reduce fixed costs instead of using own warehouse.  

  • Core System allow us to communicate with 3rd party warehouse operator from remote location and we can send ship order and able to check  for inventory level, warehouse in and out movement in real time.  

K company:    Medical materials retail ,   New York

【Voice from customer】

  • ​Core System help us to upload order data, which make us less manual process and  no incorrect data entry.   

  • Core System support FIFO

  • Core System can print UPS shipping label from order data

  • Core System allow me to check inventory at 3rd party warehouse in real time.  

T company:    Electronics product/part retail,   Illinois

【Voice from customer】

  • ​Accuracy of inventory has been improved with bar-code scan system.   

  • Core bar-code scan system made less work and easier for warehouse in & out process.

  • Reduced careless mistake for shipping process

  • Able to get data from EDI and shipping process become easier.  

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