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Making maintenance and inspection easy by Picture Manual

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

If you have machines in your factory and needs scheduled maintenance, we can make it easy by Picture Manual software service.

  1. You take picture of machine with your mobile phone

  2. Log-in our "Picture Manual" web and up-load the pictures

  3. Add explanations next to each picture what needs to be done

  4. Save it and share with all involved

You can also do:

  • make scheduled task and assign who needs to do what and when

  • Keep the inspection records in Picture manual

  • You can check the records later time.

The key point of PictureManual is that complex maintenance procedures can be easily created using pictures and shared within the organization, so that the quality of maintenance does not deteriorate even if the person in charge changes, and as a result, the availability of equipment can be maintained.


Satoru (SATO) Ito

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