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Core System Functions

"  Simple, Easy and Efficient  "

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◆Importing Forecast / Firm Order

​Import various format of forecast and firm order data in Core System. It can import from EDI,  Customer's portal, email attachment automatically with additional feature.

◆Production Planning Support

​Support production planning based on forecast and firm order data by item with considering inventory stock.

​◆Procurement from supplier

​Issue purchase order from Core System.  It has digital approval function as option and able to send purchase order from Core System by email to supplier.


Print inventory control label at time of receiving with utilizing procurement purchase order data.   The printed barcode label will be used as ID of the inventory in warehouse. 

​◆Shelf Stocking

Portable wireless barcode scanner will indicate assigned location in warehouse by scanning the receiving ID label.   

Move the received item to the location and scan the location code, attached on the shelf.  If incorrect location is scanned, system will prevent the item to be stocked.   Core System also support free location. 

​◆Pick finished goods or part/material for production

Pick finished goods or part/material based on sales order.  Core System print pick list with location code and warehouse parson use portable wireless barcode scanner to pick the item from the shelf with FIFO.

​◆Bill of Materials (BOM)

Core System support BOM, complete list of all the materials and parts, that needs to create finished/un-finished product.   

​◆Manufacturing Process Management

Core System support LOT#  management and trace, which able to identify the product, quantify and location of the process/assembly during manufacturing process.   


Core System can create delivery label for Tote or pallet.   When Core System recognize products needs to be delivered by pallet at the time of receiving, it will crate receiving label per pallet.     

​◆Shipping Process

When product moved to invenoty location, it can proceed to process for shipping.   By completing the shipping process, it can print shipping label, BOL, packing list automatically.   If shipment needs to be shipped by Fedex/UPS small package, Core System can create the shipping label as well. 

◆Shipping Label verification 

Core System has additional future to double check proper Kanban label attached to you shipment against inventory ID barcode, issued by Core System.   If mismatch occurred, Core System not allow to complete shipping process to prevent mislabeling.

◆Shipping registration and Invoicing 

Once shipment is released from warehouse, register ship-out registration and will be able to issue billing invoice to customer automatically. 

◆Connecting with Accounting System 

Core System can be linked with accounting system you are currently using as optional future.   It has been capable to be connected with Account Mate and Quick book.

​◆Inventory Stocktaking

Core System support inventory check by location with portable wireless scanner accurately.     

​◆Inventory Stocktaking

Core System support inventory check by location with portable wireless scanner accurately.     

​◆EDI connection with customer 

We can do EDI connection with your customer as optional future to send and receive data with their system.​

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