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We use IT & AI for logistics, trade and EC to reduce total costs and improve efficiency and creating new business model for you.  Our uniqueness is wide range of coverage including business process improvement, trade compliance, warehousing by 3PL partners.  We support B2C import clearance and delivery for packages coming from overseas.   

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Satoru "SATO"  Ito

My passion is making things better for peoples I serve.  I have over 30 years experience in logistics and supply chain at major international freight forwarding company and managed business operation process, Cross border e-commerce, new business development with utilizing IT.   Let me be part of your team and I will help you run business with IT.

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Our Offering

We do not recommend latest technology product, but we select and offer most practical solution with reasonable costs for mid to small companies.  We understand how busy you are so we have everything you need for logistics, trade and EC business for you.     

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Robotic Process Automation

Automate importing Sales Order in your ERP 

Are you downloading sales order from customer's

portal with PDF/CSV format and typing in your ERP?   Some of them are  mailing to you with attachment?    We can automate from getting  the file from portal  or receiving email and registering order data in your ERP. by our robot.

Warehouse Management System implementation and support

Cost effective and easy to use

Our warehouse management system has been used many Japanese automotive suppliers in North America.  We cover USA, Mexico and Canada.  We understand uniqueness of  each client and we will support to implement it at your site.

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VoIP Mobile/Soft Phone

Business Communications from Anywhere

With Our VoIP Cloud Phone Systems, you can experience high quality, reliable business communications from any location and any device. Use a feature-rich desktop phone for a boost in productivity or turn your smartphone into a business phone to stay connected on-the-go. With a customizable caller ID across all devices, your staff can be available and appear professional at all times.

Tech Support

We are your IT help desk!

Your business relies on your PC, server and mobile phones.   We can provide help desk function to support your IT environment.

Asian help desk person with headset
face scan recognition system linked with time card option to take temperature

Face Scan Time Card System

Face scan connected with Time card 

This small device allows you to take temperature at entry point with face recognition technology.   We cover USA, Mexico and Canada. The record will be kept in server with in & out time.  It has connected with time card management system, which will help you comply with Lunch break law in CA, NY and FL.    

Office Network Set-up and Maintenance

We make it Reliable and Secure

Your office network is most important thing to run your business.  We can set-up your office network wiring and server maintenance with option of remote access to your server with VPN.

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Image of B2B e-commerce with laptop computer

Start-up B2B e-commerce consulting


Expand revenue with EC

We can help you to start your on-line business to expand your revenue for Business to business(B2B) and Business to consuermr (B2C) for US domestic and international as well.   There are so many options and ways to start EC and it can costs you a lot.   We help you to start from small and expand as you grow.

Security Access Control System 

Protect your staff and property

We can install security alarm system with access control for each staff.

Door access control. Staff holding a key

Barcode scanner retail

Easy to scan and rugged

We do retail of handheld barcode scanners.  Depending of your environment and needs, we can recommend best equipment with volume purchase discount.


Microsoft 365 and Azure implementation 

We are certified

We are Microsoft certified system engineer.  We support and implement Microsoft product and service for you.      

Logo of Microsoft Office 3656 and Azure

Our Partner

Bringing more value to our clinet

Core has been our partner for warehouse management system and web development including API.

Tech Pointe Global

Networking, Cabling, Server maintenance

 leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems worldwide,

 #1 UPS company in Japan most trusted UPS

leading manufacturing companies on issues of standardization and synergy for automation.

Electronics part/product repair, inspection and manufacturing

Logistics and Warehousing partners

Located in IL and KY to manage inventory and domestic shipping and international forwarding connected with our system 

and many other partners for Accounting, EDI, Digital Scale and Barcode printer.  

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logo of Cisco certified CCNP
Logo of Juniper network
Logo of Paloalto network company
Logo of Sage accounting software
Logo of Intuit Quickbooks accounting software
logo of AccountMate accounting software
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Logo of Keyence company
Logo of Denso Wave company
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Logo of Sonicwall company

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