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Improve your Supplychain


  • Inventory pipeline management
  • Optimize Inventory
  • Improve Cash-Flow
  • Improve Freight Forwarding Operations 

Who we are

We provide solutions for issues customer facing with IT, but our proposal in not just concerning technology.  We understand every company has uniqueness and challenges, which need to overcome.  We work with customer to build tailor made roadmap to bring success and results   

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My passion is making things better for companies I serve.  I have over 30 years experience in logistics and supply chain at major international freight forwarding company.  Let me be part of your team and I will be your trusted business partner.   

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Our Offering

Our focused industry has been logistics and automotive and provide wide range of service including data collection and analysis from machines, keep record of maintenance, automation of PO and SO processing, warehouse inventory management, procurement pipeline inventory management, simulation of best shipping options, ocean container arrival day prediction at your warehouse, import and export regulatory compliance.  We consider all aspects of your business and come up best solution to meet your specific needs.        

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Inventory Pipeline management

predicting ocean container arrival with AI

Ocean carrier cannot predict accurately when your containers will be delivered to your warehouse, because their generic prediction logic does not fully cover dynamic change of  port, terminal, connecting rail and CY.   We analyze your container movement and predict much more reliable estimated arrival with AI and data science      


BL, HBL, PO, Invoice, POD Data capturing 

Eliminate manual data entry 

OCR AI and RPA will help you to import data into your system.  If you are manually entering data from PDF, Excel or email, we can automate the data entering process.  

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B2B Digital Marketing​

Expand your business with digital marketing

We can work together for your B2B digital marketing strategies with understanding about  your uniqueness and appeal points of your product and make sales leads cming to you.

Protect from Cyber attack

We make it Reliable and Secure

Your office network is most important thing to run your business.  We can set-up your office network wiring and server maintenance with option of remote access to your server with VPN.

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Optimizing inventory with our WMS

Cost effective and easy to use

Our warehouse management system has been used many Japanese automotive suppliers in North America.  We cover USA, Mexico and Canada.  We understand uniqueness of  each client and we will support to implement it at your site.

Secure and cost effective Communication infrastructure

Support your day to day business

With Our VoIP Cloud Phone Systems, you can experience high quality, reliable business communications from any location and any device. Use a feature-rich desktop phone for a boost in productivity or turn your smartphone into a business phone to stay connected on-the-go. With a customizable caller ID across all devices, your staff can be available and appear professional at all times.


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Our Partner

Bringing more value to our clinet

 leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems worldwide,

 #1 UPS company in Japan most trusted UPS

leading manufacturing companies on issues of standardization and synergy for automation.

Freight forwarding package software

Logistics and Warehousing partners

Located in IL and KY to manage inventory and domestic shipping and international forwarding connected with our system 

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