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Implementation Timeline

Average time frame for  Core System implementation is 3  to 4 months  

without connecting with other system and/or customization   

1. Analyzing current process and current operations

    ( 1 to 2 months)

    Our experienced staff will analyze your current process and list/draw the flow and identify improvement points.    

2. Quotation and Service/Implementation Proposal

    ( 1 to 2 weeks)

    Based on above, we crate quotation and proposed implementation plan with considering your budget, resource and timing.  We work very closely with project owner of client and make adjustments.      

3. Meeting with Key persons and explaining about project    

    ( 1 day)

   Upon request, we co-host meeting with project owner of client company and explain about project to all key persons, who is involving operations, accounting and quality control. 

4. Making contract    

   Making agreement for price, service, implementation time line and resource for project  

5. Preparing to setup Master records and system setting

    ( 1 to 2 months, depending how soon client can give us the master data)  

    We request client to give us various master records, such as customer, supplier, product & etc. and start to register the information with CORE system.         

6. Installing Core System program 

    ( 2 days)  

    We install Core program in your server.         

7. Inventory Stock-taking 

    ( 7 days)  

    Label location barcode at each shelf or stored location. 

    In order to register collect inventory data for each product, client will do inventory stock-taking.   

    Attach inventory control barcode label on each inventory and linked with location.          

8. User training 

    ( 3 days)  

    Our experienced team member will visit you and teach how to use system          

9. Go live 

     Our experienced staff will stand-by and ensure smooth implementation.   

10. List issue, improvement points needs to be adjusted  

     List all issues and improvement points and fix by priority set by client.   

11. Stable Operation   

     Daily operation and process has became smooth and stable.    

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